Interactive charting and scripting software for serious traders who want access to real-time market data


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Are you an active stock investor who prefers charting stocks before making an investment? If yes, you should consider using TradingView software. It is a platform and tool for researching, screening, and charting different stocks. Whether you are an experienced trader or someone who has just started trading in stock, this app makes the work easier for you. It offers a low-cost analysis and charting for all your preferred stocks. The software is a cloud-based charting platform with social-networking features that allows you to connect with other traders and get advice on how to invest.


HTML5 Charts: The platform makes it simple for traders to create simple charts for easy trading of stocks. Experienced traders can also make complex charts that facilitate the trading of several stocks simultaneously. It also allows users to draw on their charts.

Stock screener: You can use this feature to identify stocks based on different criteria.

It provides for customized analysis: If you are an experienced trader, you can use TradingView’s programming language known as Print script that permits for the creation of new charts and indicators from scratch.

Server-side alerts: The platform makes it easy for you to create alerts on your desktop or smartphone so that you get alerted if the stock conditions go outside your specified criteria. You have twelve alert conditions that you can apply to get alerts.

Broad Coverage: TradingView provides access to global stocks in different timelines. It offers access to over 50 worldwide exchanges, thus offering extended trading hours.

Trading: The platform allows paper trading, which makes it possible for users to utilize their skills to trade in stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies. You can also determine if the brokerage is partnered with TradingView.

Allows social networking with other active traders: Users of this platform can monitor what other users are trading in and collaborate with them through its broad social community of active traders.

It offers extensive knowledge base: The platform gives traders access to tons of data on their website, which users can utilize to improve their trading. It even has a Wiki page where users can learn more about the tool’s functionality.


  • The basic plan is free to use hence newbies can use it to access how the tool functions.
  • It offers users access to a wide range of educational resources that can be used to gain more experience.
  • Users have access to enticing selection of the research features.
  • TradingView provides users with the capacity to draw anything for visual analysis on any chart.
  • Users can also split their screens into different synced up charts.


  • For users to access premium features, they have to pay for the high-tier plans that are quite costly.
  • Some sections of the platform are poorly arranged and organized.
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